Brooke Frederick

I have tons of options and solutions for shooting during the pandemic. I have a home studio with both natural and professional lighting capabilities. I have a large and bright kitchen for lifestyle and food shoots. I also have access to a pool, surrounding greenery, and outdoor bonfire pit.

In addition to my home, my boyfriend lives down the road. He is a farmer and runs an Avocado and Citrus nursery. I have access to a large orange grove, greenhouses, tractors, and a wide variety of rustic, "farm-life" props and locations.

I have a small and wonderful group of quarantine-friendly talent (pictured on right). I am also constantly casting people both locally and within short distances from me (no flying required). Because I have large outdoor areas for shooting and I do not require large crews for shoots, it is possible to shoot outside at a safe distance with talent not pictured here. Please inquire for a more detailed picture of how a shoot like this could happen.

I have a wide variety of beautiful locations within an hour of where I live. This includes but is not limited to the desert, beaches, mountains, and other small local farms.

Here are some images I have been taking during the pandemic.

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