Puma X Helly Hansen

I recently worked alongside a film crew to shoot the Puma and Helly Hensen collaboration. Here are some fo the photos!


A fun little portrait sesh with one of my good friends Bernadette!


I went to Anguilla to shoot some influencers for a clothing brand. And since I am sure you can imagine what those photos look like, I want to share these photos I took of a local family that we worked with and got to spend time with while on the island. Beautiful inside and out, kind, wonderful. I could go on and on. I love these people!

Wedding Party on the Mariner III NYC

I was lucky enough to shoot the wedding party for Steven and Tori on the 1920s ship called Mariner III. We floated around the Hudson river at sunset and it was a magical experience!

Wild Belle Show

I went to see Wild Belle with my friend Bernadette at the Belly Up in Solana Beach. Natalie Bergman (singer) is a sweet angel and such a beauty. I am not usually one to take photos during shows but brought my cameras anyway! Here are some photos from the show. :)

Studio Visit with Natalie Bessell

I went to visit my friend Natalie Bessell at her home and studio in San Diego (I have known her and her sister since I was in 3rd grade!). She is a WONDERFUL artist and just plain beautiful. You can check out her art at https://www.nataliebessellart.com/ .


I have started a new little still life series with the intention to make prints to put up in your homes! They might be extremely stupid and mundane but that is actually why I like them. I am calling it “Stuff” for now because I want this project to be dumb and simple and cute and not serious. I went to the Asian market and picked out some items that caught my eye. I will post more as they come!

Test Shoot with Kansas and Bree

I did a fun little test shoot with Kansas and Bree in Huntington beach last month. This was super fun and we had the best little crew! I shot everything on film and then scanned it all myself, and now wish I would have just gotten all the film scanned by the lab! Lesson learned :)

Production - Katherine + Jillian, Styling: Beam + Jenny

Haleakala Crater, Maui

I just did a two night, three day backpacking trip with my dad and his friends in the Haleakala volcano crater in Maui! There are three cabins inside the crater so the first day we hiked all the way across to the more “tropical” side (in the rain for 10 miles). Then the next day crossed the crater again to the other more dry, Mars-looking side. Then the last day up out the crater on switchbacks to our car. Here are some photos!

PCT Hikers

I live in Fallbrook CA, which is about 30 minutes away from the Pacific Crest Trail. I usually hike with my dog in the fall and winter and have the place to myself. But a few weeks ago I went out to hike and was shocked at how many PCT hikers were passing through on their way to Washington (Canada?). I usually park at a small rec center which is now used as a PCT hiker station and camp site. I started chatting with the resting hikers and loved their diversity and enthusiasm (keep in mind they have only been hiking for a week or two so morale is still very high haha). I have been returning to chat with the hikers and take some portraits. It’s a fun little personal project!